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How is Iron Ore Processed – From Ore to Steel

Standard post by SteelProMaster on May 15, 2015
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Iron Ore Processing – From Ore to Steel

Iron Ore Processing – From Ore to Steel

Starting from the raw materials and going all the way to the finished product, our company handles coal and iron ore mining in order to provide a complete range of service offerings and steel products. Since we are the largest mining and steel company in the world, we are proud to announce that in 2014 we managed to produce more than seven point seven million tones of coking coal and seventy seven million tons of iron ore. As for coking coal, this is a type of carbonized coal that is usually burned in blast furnaces and is a prime ingredient for melting iron.


In order to make steel, we first of all need to process the iron ore. The way the process goes is that the rock containing the ore is grounded carefully in order to separate it from the ore. Next, the coal will be properly cleaned from sediments in a coke furnace which yields an almost one hundred percent pure form of carbon. Next, in order to produce molten iron, a mixture of coal and iron ore will be heated in a blast furnace.

ArcelorMittal has an experienced and widely diversified fleet of production equipment that consistently makes steel. These include both electric arc and basic O2 furnaces. In an electric arc furnace, in order to make steel, recycled steel scrap will be melted to achieve this. On the other hand, in a regular O2 furnace, the main material used for producing steel is molten ore that is then combined with different quantities of alloys and steel scrap which produces various grades of steel. All in all, around twelve percent of the steel our company makes originates from recycled steel.

Finished products

The molten steel molten in the furnaces will eventually pass through casters in order to create billets, blooms and slabs. Next, through cold and also hot rolling processes, these primary steel products will be turned into many types of finished steel products. For instance, billets will be turned into rods and bars, blooms will be used for making beams and girders for instance, while slabs are generally rolled into flat products.

There are many industries that use the steel we produce, including the packaging, household appliances, construction and automotive industries. No matter if it’s regular steel or more advanced steel products, our company specializes in producing almost any kind of steel product and has the experience and equipment required for meeting client demands from a wide range of industries.